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Document Summary: This is a handwritten letter from ‘Ali to an unidentified individual reporting back with information about Abu-Sulayman and Abu-‘Aqil. He stated that Abu-Sulayman was the wrong choice for the appointment to his position and all the people he spoke with, such as Abu-Haydar, Abu-Ibrahim and Abu-Muhammad, questioned his appointment and said that Abu-‘Aqil should replace him. Abu-Sulayman and Abu-Radwan have misused the money that was entrusted to them by the brothers. Additionally, ‘Ali explained the embezzlement of 150 million dinar [TC: possibly Iraqi dinar] from a contractor by Hajji ‘Ali. The letter indicated that it included various items to include a RAM memory drive which contained a letter from Abu-‘Aqil, and a flash drive from Khalid al-‘Umani. There are 17 individuals who belong to Abu-‘Umar al-Kurdi that need to be investigated. A 600 tons of an unknown material have not been received yet and it has almost been 10 months. Another former Security official in Syria named Abu-Bushra still owes 500,000 USD. Other people mentioned include Abu-Hakim, Doctor Abu-Suhayb, and Abu-Sa’id.
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In the Name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate Praise to God, prayers and peace upon the Prophet, thereafter,
God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you I traveled to the north last Tuesday and returned to Baghdad on Monday afternoon. If it were not for the mail, I would have stayed a few more days due to pressing duties over there. I will summarize what I saw and observed. God is my aid. 1- You asked me in your previous mail to inquire about brothers Abu-Sulayman and
Abu-‘Aqil, and asked me, if I get an opportunity, to appoint Abu-‘Aqil. I depended on God, and inquired from brothers who knew them before and during detention, including brothers Abu-Haydar, Abu-Ibrahim, and his deputy Abu-Muhammad. I asked each one separately, and they all agreed that Abu-‘Aqil is a better person than Abu-Sulayman one every level. Even yet, when Abu-‘Aqil was re leased from jail, and before being assigned to the committee, he expressed to me his astonishment towards appointing Abu- Sulayman for such a sensitive position, since he is incapable of performing such duties.
He proved this to me during his assignment in Mosul prior to meeting with him. During my visit to Mosul last week, I met with Abu-Radwan more than four times, and one time I stayed at his place till five o’clock in the morning during which he constantly blamed Abu-Sulayman. Hence, I inquired about his opinion about Abu-Sulayman, and he truthfully informed that the Sheikhs made a mistake by assigning Abu-Sulayman to this position, and repeated this more than three times. He also informed that this is the opinion of all the brothers, and everybody is not convinced of him being the General
Wali. Even yet, Abu-‘Ali ‘Arab Jubur, questioned the validity of the Sheikhs’ decision to appoint him in this position since he is
from his neighborhood, and he [TC: Abu-‘Ali ‘Arab Jubur] knows very well, that he cannot properly manage the work. (This is the statement of Abu-Radwan). Hence, I inquired from Abu-Radwan the reason for not writing to the brothers about this issue. He told me that he is too sensitive and is concerned that the brothers would not believe him. Hence, I inquired from him whether he is currently running all the work here, and he said yes, since he [TC: Reference to Abu-Sulayman] gave me the authority to do so. I did not believe it until I met with Abu-Sulayman in the presence of Abu-‘Aqil and Abu-Radwan two days after informing him of assigning Abu-‘Aqil in his place at the committee. He [TC: Reference to Abu-Sulayman], went to Abu-Radwan and inquired from him the reason the Sheikh demonstrated negligence not writing to him with regards to this matter [TC: Possibly for replacing him with Abu-‘Aqil]. He also admitted before us his negligence in all aspects since he is
ignorant of this governorate and does not know anyone there. Hence, he granted Abu- Radwan total authority. I told him that this is the reason every brother I meet claims that Abu-Radwan is the Wali.
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He said yes, and admitted that when he meets with some of the brothers, he tells them that he is Abu-Radwan. Aside from not revealing the truth to them, he admitted his negligence and asked me to write to the brothers, and added that he asked them on more than one occasion to relieve him of this position. In addition to this, both Abu-Sulayman and Abu-Radwan misused the money, especially the portion dedicated to the al-Khums [TC: Collected Zakat form of alms-giving equal to 1/5th
of annual income]. I discovered a lot of waste and extravagance. I discovered that they are not applying Shari’a rules in
their spending. When I questioned the reason for neglecting the brothers’ written requests, and my personal visitations concerning the same matters, they blamed it on the circumstances, especially Abu-Radwan who stated that the reality dictates their acts. When I questioned his reasons, requested evidence, and inquired how circumstances can change the rules of God, he could not answer. Abu-‘Aqil informed me that the brothers from the sectors deliver the al-Khums money to them. Also while settling the accounts with Abu-Sa’id, the Emir of al-Jazirah, in the presence of Abu-Radwan, he informed me that a few days ago he delivered 80,000 US D to Abu-Radwan, and when I questioned where about of the money, he told me that work requirements forced them to spend it. He mentioned a few committees that were established and required money. I also blamed him [Abu-Radwan], for mentioning that sometimes work requires bribes. At the time, he complained that I am tough with them. However, a couple of days later he admitted negligence and commended my criticism. I requested from Abu-Radwan to arrange a meeting with the emirs of the sectors, which he did, and brought with him the letter you sent him in which you explained the meaning of plunders according to Shari’a. Thereafter, he asked permission to read the letter, since
it is harsh, and asked God for forgiveness, since he is negligent and did not pay attention to this matter. He requested the audience to listen to it carefully, and abide by its content, since it is a sin not practicing it, which is some thing he did himself. He read the letter and explained its contents word by word, and added that this practice must be implemented
even if it affected work. Abu-Sa’id informed me that he memorized this letter after Abu-Radwan gave it to him two days prior the meeting, and cried since they all seek martyrdom and paradise, but discovered that they are committing sins. Hence, I asked them about the al-Khums charity money, and told them that I will either not leave until I take it, or write to the brot
hers that you are not cooperative, and your reaction is nothing but hollow words and compassion towards the Sheikh’s letter. Consequently, Abu-Sa’id said that he saved 50,000 USD, considering that the total inventory of al-Jazirah Sector
revealed 300,000 USD. He also added that a few days ago, he gave Abu-Radwan 80,000 USD, 50,000 USD remain with him, and the remainder 170,000 USD, he will…..
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refund as soon as possible, and asked for the forgiveness of the Sheikhs. Concerning Ad Dakhil Emir in Mosul, he informed me that he was only assigned to the sector a month ago, and when I requested the complete inventory, he told me that he doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Abu-Sa’id interfered, since he was the previous Wali of Mosul, and told me that it is approximately 450,000– 600,000 USD. Thereafter, Ad Dakhil Emir informed me that two days ago he gave Abu-Radw an 75,000 USD which was all he had. Hence, I asked Abu-Radwan about the rest of the money, and he replied that he delivered it to Abu-Sulayman who will give it to me before I leave. Abu-Radwan said that Abu- Sulayman gave 15,000 USD to the lawyer representing Sheikh Walid al-Juburi. When I expressed my anger and told him that I will not allow such practice, and questioned his
behavior, he told me that Abu-Sulayman will come tomorrow and inform me personally. When Abu-Sulayman came the following day and I inquired about the al-Khums charity money, he told me that it is in his possession however, he spent 5,000 USD, which he will pay back. When I inquired about the source of his refund, considering that he is no longer the Wali of the state, he was confused and his features changed. Hence, in order to find out the truth, I asked him whether he spent the money before or after I informed him of the Sheikhs’ decision to relieve him of his duties as Wali. After a short silence, he told
me that it was before I informed him. Hence when I asked him whether he will personally refund the state’s money, he said yes. Thus when I asked him who gave him the right to spend this money, instead of sending it to the brothers, he admitted that he exceeded his rights and asked for the forgiveness of the brothers and God. The following day, Abu-Radwan said that he spent the money after he was informed of the matter and not before, therefore, Abu-Sulayman still holds 5,000 USD from the al-Khums charity money. Abu-Sulayman gave me 60,000 USD and told me that the Minister of Oil took 10,000 USD as
loan. When I told brother Ashraf, he was surprised and said that this happened about a month and half ago, before they received the al-Khums charity money. Hence Abu-Radwan said that his brother refunded this amount and the issue was settled. Concerning the emir of the southern [state], he did not attend blaming on the siege set up by the Americans around the area.
Note: The Emir of Ad Dakhil Sector in Mosul (He is involved in the corruption [illegible]in Mosul), however, he repented as I was told by the brothers. In conclusion, there is major chaos in spending the money, and God knows best. The third issue reveals that the administrative corruption is on all levels. I was told by brother Abu-‘Aqil that he discovered that the Administrator General
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Hajji ‘Ali embezzled more than 150 million [Iraqi] dinars from one contractor. The contractor informed the brothers who asked him to deliver the money, but he told them that Hajji ‘Ali would kill him. Hence, I sat with Abu-Radwan, gave him two days to kill Hajji ‘Ali, otherwise he would be responsible. Abu-‘Aqil also ordered Ad Dakhil Emir of the same. Praise God, they killed him and went to obtain the money from the contractor. I waited for them to bring the money, but they were late and I went to Baghdad in order to take the mail and assigned Abu-‘Aqil to receive the money and not spend anything from
it. When Hajji ‘Ali received information concerning the charges against him, he sent a letter accusing several individuals, all holding administrative positions. When I questioned Abu-Radwan and Abu-Sulayman, they refrained from answering under the pretense that the brothers entrusted them, and considered it the responsibility of their predecessors, along with other
excuses. Another example, is demonstrated in the ownership of several money exchange shops by brothers from the Ministry of Oil, and the biggest office is managed by a Ba’athist officer, hateful of the brothers, and accuses the wives of the mujahidin of [moral] corrupt ion (I received this information from Abu-Ahmad, the brother of Ashraf, since he worked with him and left work because of him, thereafter he informed the brothers). They did not expel him [TC: The Ba’athist officer]under the pretense that he acts as a front for them. This man was detained along with two brothers while in the money exchange shop, and they seized 45,000 USD in their possession from the Oil [Ministry] money. He confessed against the brothers, wherein he
is currently released while the brothers are being tortured daily in order to provide information. There are other problems that would fill an entire notebook. God is our aid. I am mentioning another case due to the importance of its consequences. An individual named (Abu-Maysar), was made in charge of the cement, became involved in the oil sector and embezzled a lot of money. When he heard of the assassination of Hajji ‘Ali, he sent to the brothers informing them that he has 600,000 million [TC: Possibly Iraq dinar]of oil money, but will only deliver it to (Hajji Rashid), an administrator at the sector and represents the brothers. I requested from Abu-‘Aqil to order the brothers to detain him and force him to confess on the actual
amount of money, since some contractors confessed that he is their partner in other contracting business, along with additional catastrophes. All this happened without any monitoring, since there is abundance of money, and the brothers did not complain, which resulted in neglecting any follow-up. This is at the level of Mosul Ad Dakhil Sector, as for the other sectors, I did not have time to go there. However, I left Abu-‘Aqil planning how to get to Kirkuk, Southern, and al-Jazirah, knowing that he is determined to go in order to reorganize Ad Dakhil. In compliance with my agreement with him, we
decided to use a softer tone with them, hence avoiding a strong reaction.
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We even planned to appease Abu-Radwan, since. he holds all the keys and strings. It is not easy to neutralize him as he personally insinuated. Hence, we changed our strategy with him, and Abu-‘Aqil expressed that he doesn’t want the brothers to rush changing him, since he might need him for a period of th ree or more months, and that he will try to reform him, and if he succeeded, he [TC: Abu-Radwan] will be an asset, especially that he admitted his negligence and requested from Abu-‘Aqil to transfer him to any other location since he is not fit for this. Knowing that most of the work in the northern states involves al A’afirah [TC: Possibly tribes], and Abu-Radwan is in total control of them. In conclusion he is cunning and very intelligent,
and the more we sit with him we discover his character. Note: Let it be known that Abu-Sulayman and Abu-Radwan did not go to Kirkuk and the other sectors to the present time, and only depend on hearing from the emirs, since I asked them about this and they informed me that they never went till now. As for the legal politics in the state, especially Ad Dakhil, (Mosul), the problems are endless. In fact it became a joke for Athil and others. It is merely chaos, which is exemplified in sending two individuals to Athil, each claiming that he is the representative of the State. Athil told one of them that he could not accept him as the representative of the State, since the State had already sent a different person, and warned from anyone who claims that he is the representative of the State. Further, some contractors and company owners complain of four individuals contacting them, and they inquire as to which one they should believe, since each claims that he represents theState. As an example, a contractor in the oil sector sent four names and telephone number of four individuals who contacted him, hence when he asked them to provide him with the secret word between him and the State, they failed to do so. Thereafter, Ashraf sent his brother with the secret word, and he gave him the money. Each one of the four individuals was in fact a member of the State from a different sector, and when they discovered that the direct coordinator with the contractor was detained, the brothers attempted to obtain the money for him. God is our aid.
Enclosed are 13 [money] stacks from al-Khums charity and Oil: 1- 50,000 USD from al-Jazirah Sector, 2- Mosul-Ad Dakhil 60,000 USD, 3- Oil money 20,000 USD.- Enclosed is a flash drive from Khalid al-‘Umani. I opened and checked it for safety. – Enclosed is a RAM memory card for a letter from Abu-‘Aqil.
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I learned of severe violation along the borders, pertaining to an individual who went to the borders officer along the Syrian side and told him that he was sent by Abu-Radwan and Abu-Sulayman, hence he revealed everything to him (The borders officer was advised via a letter). Therefore, I linked this to the statement of Petreaus, the former American General in Iraq, when he stated that (the borders resumed its activities after al- Qa’idah organization reorganized itself to allow suicide bombers to enter Iraq). Hence Abu-Sulayman said that he sent to summon the borders officer more than 20 days ago, but he never came.
– I apologize for not sending the internet archive due to missing the media brother since I was in Mosul and did not receive the archive from him. I will send it next week.
– There is a Battalion named Abu-‘Umar al-Kurdi, consisting of 117 members, that wasdecommissioned by Abu-Sa’id, Emir of al-Jazirah under the pretense that it has a security breach. Abu-‘Aqil requested an investigation concerning this matter.
– As an example of follow-up negligence, there is (600) tons of the [TC: Possibly black] substance in Syria, for which I paid 260,000 USD about eight or 10 months ago. So far only about 100 – 150 tons of this substance was delivered.
– There is an individual by the name of (Abu-Bushra) who was detained in Syria carrying 500,000 USD. He was a security officer at the time of Abu-‘Abdallah al-Shami and he claims that Abu-Qaswarah had assigned him a
task in Syria. I heard he left and never returned.
– Concerning Sheikh Abu-Sulayman, you ordered that he joins the Follow-up, Inquiry,and Coordination Committee, and we obeyed. However, Abu-Sulayman is incapable of providing anything, especially that there is a barrier between him and the brothers, to the extent that Samir (previously Abu-Tibah), said that if we are offered to present our opinion, we would suggest that, for the Committee to be effective, it should consist of brothers with good reputation in order to deal with the Committee, and for the Committee to earn the respect of the brothers.
In conclusion, Abu-Sulayman is
1- Incapable of evaluating men
2- Lacks follow-up and management skills
3- Lacks organizational skills
4- Incapable of making decisions
5- Incapable of properly handling money. God knows best. It is lastly your decision.
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Concerning Abu-Hakim (Ahmad), I sat with him and discovered that he is of good personality and well behaved. However, he has no knowledge of the project of the State. Yet he is very enthusiastic due to his confidence in the brothers who established this project, and he admits that it is also a legal duty to apply Shari’a laws, with which he doesn’t have any problems. I asked him a few religious questions, for which he provided very brief answers, and stated that he forgot a lot of information due to being the subject of immense harm. He further added that he hasn’t seen a Qur’an or a [religious] book in jail except for the last few days when he obtained Riyad al-Salihin [Hadith] book and a Qur’an. He is currently assigned by (Abu-Sulayman and Abu-Radwan) as the Shari’a- Legal General [Religious Judge] for the North State. I discovered his inclination towards Tall ‘Afar group through his answer to Abu-Radwan when the later said (less than half ofus are secluded and incapable of interacting with others, which is not healthy), wherein Ahmad confirmed the statement and added that interacting might lead to infiltration and consequently deterioration. Therefore, I advised him to read and listen to the advice of
the Sheikhs and I asked Abu-Radwan to provide him with a complete archive to review, with an intention to meet with him again. My personal opinion is that appointing him the Legal General of the State is a decision that requires patience, and you are well aware that such position requires a person with knowledge of the surrounding reality, a quality that he does not possess. I sat with Doctor Abu-Suhayb, the former General Logistics Officer, who informed me of his project, hence, I went with him to his factories and witnessed what he manufactures, and personally took photographs of it. I reviewed his records, and witnessed excellent staff, diligently working. I linked him with Abu-‘Aqil to follow up on the subject. Meanwhile, Abu-‘Aqil displayed eagerness, and suggested separating this project from that of Abu-Sawsan for many reasons which he will discuss with you. Let it be known, that Abu-Suhayb launched 60 rockets targeting the airport, and al-Ghizlani Camp on 25 JAN 2009, Christmas day [TC: Possibly a typo error in date]. I personally visited the launching site and found it to be a very difficult location, however, the brothers wanted to prove that their project is successful, and I asked Abu-‘Aqil to write you about the project supported with photographs. Note: Abu-Sa’id paid 50,000 USD to Abu-Suhayb for this project from the al-Khums
charity money.
– I reminded the emirs of the northern sectors of the plan, and insisted on implementing it, to the extent that Abu-Radwan told them that very emir has to participate in person, and that he will personally join them in order to set an example of obedience. I explained to them the importance of obedience, and its impact to achieve victory. I also told them that we are sincerely committed to this plan, and they promised to abide.
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– I could not bring all the mail from the brothers since I was in the north and lost contact with them, in addition the mail man sought going to Abu-‘Umar. I went with him to the house of Abu-‘Umar, where I wrote this letter since I did not want a week to pass without writing to you. I apologize for any negligence while hastily writing, and believe that I might have forgotten some information due to my rush. Lastly, I ask almighty God to preserve and protect you, and render you safe and in good health. Praise be to God.
Your young brother

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