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On 07/13/2018, a visited was made at the Othrana Al-Kharafani Camp for the displaced families in the Village of Seji (Chios) / Dohuk, which consists of 44 caravans and still houses of 21 families with a total of 69 persons, including women, children, disabled individuals and senior citizens that are in need of health care, services, and the management of the camp to collect (50.000) thousand dinars per month for each caravan instead of collecting waste. The families of the inhabitants of Mosul / the right side, Tklif and Bahesheqa are either very poor families or owners of houses completely destroyed. “We used to receive aid on a regular basis, but now all aid has been cut off. We believe that the organizations are only interested in the returnees, and that the last time we received food baskets was provided by an evangelical church more than six months ago,”  one stated. In an interview with the camp administration, Mr. Dindar explained that a year ago, one of the artists donated a sum of money to provide fuel for the construction of the camp, which is nearing completion. A notation made that the camp of the Chaldean Church had stopped providing any kind of assistance to them.


1 – Mr. Samer Samaan Aziz service staff member of the family of eight, one of them epilepsy and need medication on a regular basis.

2 – Laith Hanna Ibrahim unemployed and his wife is a service employee caring for a brother with Down’s syndrome known as colloquial (Mongolian).

The following observations and needs were noted:

1 – Lack of drinking water, which led to the emergence of diarrhea to the children. recommendation of a distribution of water filters for each family.

2 – Inclusion of families with health care in the center of Nersai, especially chronic diseases and the disabled.

3 – Distribution of a basket of food and milk for children as requested by families for the interruption of aid for them a long time ago.

4 – Insecticides for the appearance of scorpions and Aafia because of high temperatures.

5 – Material support to provide fuel to generate the camp.

*** Note that all the families may not return due to being very poor and most of them do not have a stable livelihood.

Recommendation on calling on all humanitarian organizations and ecclesiastical institutions to consider the negative situation of these displaced group of families.

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